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Wearing eyeglasses add sophistication to ones look. And most women who wears eyeglasses aren’t sure on how to do their eye makeup. They are bombarded with questions like: Should I wear or skip makeup? Will it compliment my frame? What about my brows? Would my lashes hit the lenses? For some reasons, normal eye makeup looks different in bold framed eyeglasses. Like it or not, readjustment is needed.

Here are some tips for making your eyes look awesome in glasses


Keep Your Eye Makeup Simple and Bright

Neutral Colors

Rather than pulling off dark shades… Go with the golds, browns – or any neutrals. In addition, the lighter and neutral the color, the better.

Use Volumizing Mascara


Avoid using curling mascara, it would just hit your lenses. Stick with volumizing masacara to achieve thicker lashes.

Perfect your brows and keep it groomed

Groomed Eyebrows

Because “Kilay is Life!”. There’s no doubt that eyebrows frame your glasses. Get your gel, powder, pencil, or brow mascara and make them look fine!

Use your favorite bold lip color

Bold Lip Color

Compliment your bold frames with your fave bold lip color. Hence, if you’re too lazy to put some make up on, bold lipstick is your holy grail!

Concealer! Concealer! Concealer!

Apply Concealer

Don’t skip concealer! Lenses can magnify the dark circles and could make it worse. Use a brightening concealer. Finally, set it with powder. Setting/pressed powder will keep everything in place.