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Be you, Be different

The Fino Eyewear brand is made with a lightweight material with an iconic slim outline, achieving a true sophisticated style.
It works well for people whose style is Classic and Retro-Vintage. This eyewear goes through exquisite
process. We made sure that we put much effort into making durable and gorgeous coating quality.
It is absolutely an embraceable brand which you can wear as
prescription glasses and a fashion eyewear accessory.

The Fino Eyewear and its classic styles have enjoyed a renewed popularity in Asia
with the rise of the geek chic revolution.
Royche has been recognized for quality, fashionable and distinctive frames
with state-of-the-art sturdy construction.

The Fino eyewear is characterized by round frames that are equally wide and tall.
Round frames soften angular faces with perfectly circular shapes conveying a vintage look.
Round-shaped frames are ideal for people with square, oblong, or heart-shaped faces.

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