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Starfinder is always dedicated to plan various events and promotions to give the best customer service.

The Star Pass

You're awesome. Starfinder Optical recognizes your efforts on improving the online community and the digital world. As our way of saying thanks for doing an awesome job in making people happy and being a role model in fashion, lifestyle, and the like, you just have to...

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STARFINDER Project – Banjo and The Pirates

The Starfinder Project had collaborated with a band who will strive hard to explore the ocean of music. Banjo was ready to sail on his own as a solo artist until he met their lead guitarist in an event where Banjo and his dad performed and from there “The Pirates” had...

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New Pro Trend Color Contact Lens for for 299Php Only!

Starfinder introduces the New Pro Trend Contact Lens. If you are thinking about changing your contact lens or you wanna add one for your collection, this promo is for you! This is a must for cos-players and make-up enthusiasts who wants to achieve a Dolly/Ullzzang...

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Top Eye Makeup Tips for Any Girl Who Wears Eyeglasses

Wearing eyeglasses add sophistication to ones look. And most women who wears eyeglasses aren’t sure on how to do their eye makeup. They are bombarded with questions like: Should I wear or skip makeup? Will it compliment my frame? What about my brows? Would my lashes...

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Goblin : The Lonely and Great God (Parody)

Most of the Filipinos love Korean Dramas. Generally, viewers find them refreshing. Like a piece of a reality in fantasy. Goblin: The Lonely and Great God recently hit the Philippines’ primetime TV. Due to its popularity, Starfinder Optical recreated some scenes from...

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Back-to-School Promo

Summer is over! StarFinder Optical is happy to launch the Back to School Promo for all the students. We offer 20% off discount for the complete eyeglass set (Any Frame + BlueCut Lens). A child's abilities need to be nurtured to succeed in school. And one of the keys...

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Blue Light Damaging Your Eyes

Whenever you go outside, you probably notice yourself blinking uncomfortably to protect your eyes. That's because there are some kinds of light that your eyes don't like: UV light and some forms of blue light. What Is UV Light? The sun contains both visible and...

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Summer Promo: Buy 1 Get 1!

Buy one (1) Sunglasses for 20% OFF and get one (1) kid's Sunglasses for FREE!   You heard that right! Just visit our branch and check out our wide range of Sunglasses to choose from. Buy one with 20% discount and then you can avail one free sunglasses for kids!...

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The NEW BlueCut Lens: What you need to know

As the leading Korean eyewear brand here in the Philippines, Starfinder Optical aims to be the top optical shop in delivering the latest trends in eyewear and the latest technology in visual aid. With that in mind, we introduce to you our NEW BlueCut Lens. Before...

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