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Starfinder Optical was established in 2007. It is the first and original Korean concept optical shop in the Philippines.

We now have more than 15 branches all over the Philippines and Korea. 

From the beginning, We focused on the amazing potential of eyewear as a fashion accessory.

Pushing the envelope in the optical business.
Every item of Starfinder was originally born in the SFO Design Lab located in Seohyun Rodeo Street. Seohyun is one of the hottest places in Korean urban street fashion.

In addition, Starfinder Optical is not the usual clinical-looking optical shop. Rather it is a fashion lifestyle store that showcases eyewear, not only for correcting your vision, but as an accessory that complements a person’s style.

Come and experience the difference at Starfinder Optical.

We started from a simple idea.

Billions of people wear eyeglasses, but everywhere they go,
most optical shops they encounter are too stiff, standardized, and boring.
Many people who wear eyeglasses have concerns but they cannot find any place that can satisfy their curiosity.
They always have these questions in mind:

How much is the reasonable price that I should pay for eyeglasses?
What is the trend of eyewear now?
What is the material that comfortable eyeglasses are made of?
What kind of eyeglasses is suitable for me?

Specialty of Private Label Apparel (SPA) is a collection of brands that sets the trend in fashion. It thinks freely thus making it the leader in introducing distinctive and creative styles that match the youth’s tastes and needs.

Starfinder Optical is the Philippines’ first SPA eyewear brand. It focuses on the amazing potential of eyewear as a fashion accessory. Young people know what they want -fun, enjoyable and reasonably – priced eyewear – and Starfinder Optical listens to the voice of these young people.

Having passion for fashion and style, Starfinder Optical
…is averse to inefficiency and pretense
…sticks to design and quality
…continuously suggests endless possibilities
…has set the bar for creating the basis of a new lifestyle with eyewear